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1950s Style Customer Service.

High-Quality Products & Brands.

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Kingdom Retailers was born out of a desire to get back to the classic customer service model. You know, when people who spoke your language and knew the products they were selling were there to serve you, answer your questions, and maybe even (gasp!) get to know you a little bit.

When was the last time you called a business and didn’t have to press 20 buttons just to speak with a real person? We don’t like that, either. We think you should expect a person to answer, and that person should be happy to serve you and know just about everything there is to know about the products you’re looking at buying.

It’s what retail should be, even online. Welcome to Kingdom Retailers.

Our Brands

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The best in backyard playgrounds, and a committed team to back it up! Now offering trampolines, too!

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Outdoors, indoors—who cares, as long as you’re having fun! Top, quality recreation brands & products at Kingdom Rec.


Give us a call or stop on by! We’re located in the eFactory building in Downtown Springfield, MO.

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405 N Jefferson Ave
Suite 1055
Springfield, MO 65806
M-F 10am-6pm

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